A Breakdown of 4 Powerful Weight Loss Methods

African MangoThe use of raspberry ketones or african mango for weight loss have a long history of success.  The reasons that so many people choose to use these products is because they offer tremendous results, and also powerful weight loss.  Studies have been recently conducted on African Mango extract (Irvingia Gabonensis) and found that users would lose 7-10 pounds per month without changing any of their other habits or diet.  This effect is a tremendously powerful weight loss aid, as the extract itself contains still unknown chemical compounds which increase metabolism in users.  Additionally, new research has shown that African Mango extract will boost weight loss by decreasing appetite and allowing people to more easily manage hunger.

Raspberry ketones are a powerful weight loss aid as well which has a long history of providing results in research trials.  Users will typically shed 30 to 40 pounds per 90 days using these to offset their natural ketones (a protein which burns fat in cells).  Scientists are aware that Raspberries contain ketones that are similar to those present in the human body, and the extract can be used to produce weight loss .  A recent study clearly showed that most users will shed major weight, even without changes in diet.  Ketones promote the shedding of stored fat by sending biochemical signals to the brain to increase metabolism and reduce appetite.  This allows the body to majorly decrease calories required and increase calories burned without impacting the integrity of the body itself.  Most people experience rapid weight loss on using raspberry ketone extracts.

Four Major Weight Loss Supplements Proven to Work

  1. The HCG diet drops program – HCG drops are a popular weight loss method which employs natural hormones in order to promote weight loss.  Studies have clearly shown that HCG, which is naturally produced by women during pregnancy, carries with it powerful benefits including rapid weight loss and insulin stabilization.  Its benefits are generated appetite and metabolism related, where users can quickly burn fat naturally.  This hormone is both safe and effective, along with natural.
  2. Green Coffee Extract – Green coffee has been shown in a lot of recent research to boost metabolism and allow for rapid weight loss.  A recent study showed that taking an extract of green coffee beans (those that are unroasted) allowed users to shed 10-15 pounds per month without any changes in diet or exercise.  These effects have led to a revolution in weight loss for users of natural products and physicians are not widely advising the use of this natural ingredient.  Green coffee extract is one of the most effective natural weight loss treatments known to exist.
  3. Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Garcinia Cambogia is a type of fruit that is indigenous to Africa, but its extract has been examined for weight loss benefits for a number of years now.  This natural fruit extract has been shown in numerous studies to result in massive weight loss in users.  Like Green Coffee, Garcinia supplies rapid weight loss on the order of 15+ pounds per month without needing to change a person’s diet whatsoever.  This has also been featured on Doctor Oz’s show and carries with it the wide support of both researchers and physicians everywhere.
  4. African Mango Extract – This is also another fruit which is found in Africa, but it is also something eaten by many people around the world.  Its extract, Irvingia Gabonensis, has been shown in many studies to be a highly effective weight loss aid.  Use of this extract can generate over 20 pounds of weight loss through strong metabolic effects.  Though the precise mechanism for action is still somewhat of a mystery, initial research shows a substance that can offer users significant weight loss at very little risk to the user.  Side effects known are minimal and numerous studies over several decades have clearly shown its effectiveness.