Millions Face Uphill Battle To Lose Weight and Get In Shape

It’s true that there’s only a few ways to lose weight.  Most people will try both diet and exercises in order to achieve results, but rarely will they actually succeed.  The difficulty stems from many of the common symptoms of obesity, which not only prevent long term success when dieting, but also counteract the effort in many cases.  Most people will try to diet by cutting calories, but when someone does that their body’s metabolism will slow down considerably to compensate.  This can be hugely damaging for the user, generally producing poor long term results and plateaus where the dieter will not lose any additional weight after a certain point.  As such, many people try to combine both dieting and exercise, since certain types of exercise have been known to boost metabolism.  However, this is not always an option.

Dieting is generally something that anyone can do, but many people cannot combine both exercising and dieting together.  There are many reasons for this, but high on the list is that combining both can result in dizziness, lightheadedness and even not physically be possible if the person has a lot of weight to lose.   Something like running is not possible for someone who is 100 or 200 pounds overweight, so what people need is a solution that offers the metabolism increasing benefits of certain cardiovascular exercises, but without all of the trauma and difficulty running when overweight.  Researchers have spent years on the task, aiming to produce proven over the counter solutions that are both natural and highly effective to help people lose weight and stay in shape but without exercising.  There has been some significant headway in recent years on this subject as a result.

A Long Uphill Climb

A Long Uphill BattleWhile it’s true there are many treatments out there that can potentially deliver results, researchers have concentrated on those that can provide them without too much trauma to the patient.  Those that can are usually natural products, as we have discussed before, with green coffee bean extract being quite popular recently as is the HCG diet.  However, many people are also interested in more aggressive approaches, like prescription methods.  These often carry risks.  With Orlistat (a fat absorber) many people experience liver issues as a result of long term use.  Additionally medicines like Phentermine, which are just a powerful stimulant, can carry risks such as heart disease and arrhythmia.  For these reasons it’s generally best to stick to more natural and organic weight loss methods.

There are many methods to choose from, each with their own benefits.  A popular new treatment makes use of Garcinia Cambogia in order to produce rapid weight loss, but this is done at a somewhat slow pace unless the person diets as well.  It’s mostly an appetite suppressant.  However, it’s garnered wide support from people like Dr. Oz, who sees it as a proven and powerful weight loss treatment for the modern age.  Other products include African Mango or Raspberry ketones, which also have a long history of successful weight loss in users.  Millions can benefits from these organic treatments without risking their body on normal prescription methods, and for that reason, many people are choosing them instead.  Most users of Garcinia Cambogia, for example, lose 10-20 pounds a month without changing their diets at all.