The HCG Diet – HCG Drops As An Injection Replacement

When you are trying to lose weight, there are many choices out there on how to do so.  None of them are really the end all solution, but it’s important to find one that will work for you specifically.  Though many products out there claim they work and deliver weight loss, most of them have almost no clinical testing underlying their claims.  It’s difficult to find a real source for any weight loss that will actually deliver results and do so in a timely fashion.  Beyond that, most of these products are just caffeine pills wrapped up in a new marketing technique or brand, and carry with them some serious side effects in certain instances.

Starting on the HCG DietOne of the best ways to lose weight isn’t a new fad diet or a fad exercise routine, rather it’s a natural hormone treatment known as the HCG diet.  This protocol has been studied by researchers for over 50 years, with excellent results.  On average, users of this hormone lose 20 to 30 pounds of fat per month while on the protocol.  There’s no other treatment identified today that offers such significant weight loss so quickly.  Not only that, it’s made from a completely natural hormone, a glycoprotein that women naturally produce.  Once purified it’s grown in a lab and then can be used for obesity related treatments. It works by directly boosting metabolism due to its interactions with the brain’s hypothalamus gland.  This is a unique thing that only is found in the HCG hormone.  It also decreases appetite considerably which allows for significant reduction in calories consumed per day.

How HCG is Administered to Patients

HCG has historically been administered via injections, though this is not always the case anymore today.  Many people are now able to take real HCG drops each day instead, which are much easier and cheaper as a solution.  HCG drops are placed under the person’s tongue and held there for at least 30 seconds.  The hormone is absorbed naturally into the person’s soft tissue and goes into their bloodstream.  Although this is a slightly less effective administration method, it still offers people the same high levels of HCG they’d receive from injections but without all of the pain and doctor visits.  However, it’s important to ensure the products you’re taking are actually pure hcg, such like the products on, and not fakes.  There are many fakes out there that claim they contain the real hormone but actually are homeopathic or completely hormone free.  It’s important to avoid these types of products as they are often completely bogus.  Most don’t even contain a single molecule of the hormone.

A proper supplier of HCG drops will be one that clearly indicates the total dosage you will receive in IUs per bottle or per day.  This is important as this is the only valid way to measure the concentration of the hormone in liquid form.  If they use some other made up value, you can rest assured that the product isn’t the real thing.  In addition to this, users should also be aware that real HCG always requires refrigeration, and in many cases, this isn’t so with suppliers of these homeopathic products.  Same goes for real HCG needing to be alcohol-free and also have a relatively short shelf life, particularly when opened and exposed to air.  Real HCG is only becoming harder to find as time passes as it’s both expensive and difficult to manage the supplies for, but there are definitely some retailers out there still offering it if people are careful.