A New Fat Burning Method – Garcinia Cambogia

Have you been trying to lose weight, get healthy and feeling hopeless about achieving any long term results? You’re not alone, as this problems plagues the hopes of many Americans every day.  Even regular exercise is not often enough to change a person’s weight, and allow them to shed excess fat.  Perhaps it’s time to try a new solution, one that is proven to work in clinical trials and help people avoid hunger and increase their metabolism.  This treatment has been embraced by more doctors, nutritionists and trainers than any other worldwide.  Before you begin thinking that no weight loss supplement will actually work, you should definitely take a long hard look at Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA.  Not only have dozens of research studies proven this to be a highly effective treatment it works without even having to change your diet whatsoever.

Garcinia FruitOf course, these solutions are not an end all.  But for people who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off in the long term, either with diets or exercising, they need a solution that’s attainable, effective and can be maintained even after they reach their weight loss goals.  Avoiding crash diets and cravings is imperative for long term success losing weight, which is where a proven appetite suppressant like Garcinia can really make the difference.  Garcinia Cambogia is a natural fruit, grown in Africa for centuries and eaten to help locals lose weight.  Only recently have doctors and researchers examined if it actually does work in objective studies, and what they found was a resounding “yes”.  On average people who take Garcinia Cambogia each day, without needing to even change their diet, lost 20 to 30 pounds over the course of a short regimen.  This pumpkin shaped fruit has been a huge help to millions so far who wish to lose weight, and need to find a solution that actually works.  Not only as this technique been recommended more than any other weight loss treatment today, its results can only be matched by a handful of other methods such as the HCG diet.

Garcinia Cambogia: How it Works in Your Body

The key ingredient that makes this supplement work so well is hydrocitric acid (HCA).  This natural molecule has been shown in several studies to not only increase weight loss but metabolism as well.  By inhibiting the citrae lyase enzyme, which prevents your body from absorbing fats you eat, this enables people to consume food but not put on any storted fat.  Beyond that, this also works to suppress appetite in users, through the same mechanism.  HCA is unique to garcinia cambogia, and isn’t found in any other substance known.  This compound, along with other natural antioxidant ingredients found in this plant, will enable people to lose weight even more quickly through boosts in metabolism.  Proteins are released by your cells once your body takes this supplement which send signals to your brain to boost fat burning and decrease appetite naturally.  There’s also new considerable evidience which indicates that users who take garcinia each day experience significant increase in mood over those that do not.  This is yet another benefit of this program.

Famously Doctor Oz featured garcinia on his show, which has led to increased adoption by both physicians and patients alike.  There’s lot of reasons for this, as garcinia in studies supplies rapid weight loss to users with ease.  It’s a 100% natural substance, so beyond these benefits, it carries almost no side effects.  Many people use this treatment to help them lose weight and are highly successful doing so.  Compared to other treatments, there’s nothing more effective (besides maybe HCG) out there today.  It’s just an all around awesome weight loss method.

The HCG Diet – HCG Drops As An Injection Replacement

When you are trying to lose weight, there are many choices out there on how to do so.  None of them are really the end all solution, but it’s important to find one that will work for you specifically.  Though many products out there claim they work and deliver weight loss, most of them have almost no clinical testing underlying their claims.  It’s difficult to find a real source for any weight loss that will actually deliver results and do so in a timely fashion.  Beyond that, most of these products are just caffeine pills wrapped up in a new marketing technique or brand, and carry with them some serious side effects in certain instances.

Starting on the HCG DietOne of the best ways to lose weight isn’t a new fad diet or a fad exercise routine, rather it’s a natural hormone treatment known as the HCG diet.  This protocol has been studied by researchers for over 50 years, with excellent results.  On average, users of this hormone lose 20 to 30 pounds of fat per month while on the protocol.  There’s no other treatment identified today that offers such significant weight loss so quickly.  Not only that, it’s made from a completely natural hormone, a glycoprotein that women naturally produce.  Once purified it’s grown in a lab and then can be used for obesity related treatments. It works by directly boosting metabolism due to its interactions with the brain’s hypothalamus gland.  This is a unique thing that only is found in the HCG hormone.  It also decreases appetite considerably which allows for significant reduction in calories consumed per day.

How HCG is Administered to Patients

HCG has historically been administered via injections, though this is not always the case anymore today.  Many people are now able to take real HCG drops each day instead, which are much easier and cheaper as a solution.  HCG drops are placed under the person’s tongue and held there for at least 30 seconds.  The hormone is absorbed naturally into the person’s soft tissue and goes into their bloodstream.  Although this is a slightly less effective administration method, it still offers people the same high levels of HCG they’d receive from injections but without all of the pain and doctor visits.  However, it’s important to ensure the products you’re taking are actually pure hcg, such like the products on http://hcgdropspure.com, and not fakes.  There are many fakes out there that claim they contain the real hormone but actually are homeopathic or completely hormone free.  It’s important to avoid these types of products as they are often completely bogus.  Most don’t even contain a single molecule of the hormone.

A proper supplier of HCG drops will be one that clearly indicates the total dosage you will receive in IUs per bottle or per day.  This is important as this is the only valid way to measure the concentration of the hormone in liquid form.  If they use some other made up value, you can rest assured that the product isn’t the real thing.  In addition to this, users should also be aware that real HCG always requires refrigeration, and in many cases, this isn’t so with suppliers of these homeopathic products.  Same goes for real HCG needing to be alcohol-free and also have a relatively short shelf life, particularly when opened and exposed to air.  Real HCG is only becoming harder to find as time passes as it’s both expensive and difficult to manage the supplies for, but there are definitely some retailers out there still offering it if people are careful.

The Top 4 Things To Remember To Succeed in Weight Loss

Many people who deal with living in an urban environment, where they drive to their jobs each day, struggle with keeping in shape and staying healthy.  It’s important to remember to take time to work out and eat right, but for people who are busy with high stress jobs this is often difficult.  Not only is stress a huge factor, but the convenience of fast foods, premade meals and other things make for a difficult journey to reach a place where you are healthy.  Once people fall from this, they often never are able to return to a place where they’re healthy and in shape again.  Many will try to do so, but few will ultimately succeed.

In order to live a healthy life, you need to ensure your body is metabolizing the foods you eat efficiently.  Many people have problems losing weight because their metabolism has slow down over the years, or because they’re dieting which causes it to slow down as well.  There are methods which we have described previously, like the HCG diet or green coffee which can help people lose weight and keep it off, but these are more exceptions to this general guidance.  Though these methods are proven weight loss aids, if a person is trying to lose weight on their own they will face different challenges.  There are four major ways a person can help themselves to maintain good weight loss and establish good habits for their health.

1. Healthy and Regular Eating Habits

It’s important to remember to keep your meals regular.  Your body needs to become used to meals at a certain of a day and in certain amounts  If your meals are irregular in either time or portions, or you skip a meal or two during a day, your body’s metabolism will attempt to adapt to this.  This can cause many issues when trying to lose weight, as your body will often shut down quickly during periods without food.  Your body will stop metabolizing foods and stored fats and you will begin to pack on pounds again as your body tries to retain calories for later use.

You should make your biggest meals of the day lunch and dinner as always, however, don’t skip breakfast like so many people do.  In the mornings many people aren’t hungry, but eating some fruit for breakfast can go a long way on helping your metabolism throughout the day.  People who eat breakfast are on average 20% lighter than their non-breakfast eating counterparts nationally.  This is without a doubt the most important meal of the day whenever people are trying to stay healthy.  Without breakfast, your chances of remaining healthy in the long term are not great.

2. Choosing the Right Things to Eat

You want to not only make your eating habits regular, but fill them with healthy foods.  Examples of foods that are ok as part of a wholesome and healthy diet are whole grains, nuts, lentils, salads, cooked and uncooked vegetables and seasonal fruits.  As a general rule you will want to keep servings to less than what you can cup in your two palms together at any given time.  This will help you maintain your portions as well, which is an important part of any weight loss regimen.  If you don’t control your portions, and the times you eat, your weight loss goals will likely not materialize the way you desire.  Doing this helps you to feel more energized and helps keep your metabolism high.

Walking Daily for Weight Loss3. Exercise Each Day

Exercise is important for anyone that wants to lose weight and keep it off.  This can take many forms, from just going for walks every day, to adding in a lot more.  Adding in 10 minutes of exercise per day is a good place to start and then working up to more like 20 to 30 minutes per day down the road.  This is very important for a person’s ability to lose weight in the long term and is essential for their success.  Not only will this help improve the person’s mood, but it helps keep their metabolism working as well.

4. Regular, Full Nights of Sleep

Regular sleep that’s at least 8 hours in duration every night is imperative for health and weight loss.  Being tired not only reduces your metabolic rate, but it also makes you more likely to experience depression which lowers your chances of losing weight.  As an example, people who had regular nights sleep in a recent study were found to be much more likely to lose weight and keep it off in the long term.  Beyond that, they exercised more and generally reported increases in their mood.  This is important to consider.

A Major Secret to Modern Successful Weight Loss

When people search for rapid ways to lose weight and get in shape, they generally encounter a lot of completely bogus methods and marketing strategies.  If people are looking for clinically proven and well researched weight loss methods, they will often not find them easily.  There are quite a few treatments which have undergone real medical trials, but few of them have ever proven to be effective.  One that has, which has gained wide notoriety, is the use of green coffee bean extract. This extract works by boosting metabolism in people who take the supplement and decreasing their appetite as a result.  This is not the case, however, with roasted coffee.  During the roasting process much of the great antioxidants and chemicals are destroyed.  Daily intake of green coffee extract (at least 500 mg per day) has been shown in numerous clinical trials to provide users with tremendous weight reduction.

Green coffee beans are natural, so taking in this extract is generally considered harmless.  It does contain caffeine, but the process by which is boosts metabolism and decreases appetite doesn’t relate to this. There are many additional compounds only found in green coffee that have been shown to interact with the brain of users inducing them to burn more fat. These antioxidants provide a significant boost to the brain’s hypothalamus gland, causing metabolism to increase considerably. This increases cell growth and other bodily processes as well, which helps prevent various other complications.  This reduces your risk of illness, but also helps you control chronic illnesses you may already have, like diabetes.  In addition, the person will also feel more energetic, allowing them to work out and accomplish more during the day.  Green coffee not only offers a reduction in your waistline, but improves your overall health as well.

The Selection of Green Coffee Extracts

Natural Green CoffeeThere are a lot of green coffee extract companies out there, but not all of them are created equal.  A lot of products are coming out of China with dubious qualities.  Many may not even be actual green coffee at all, as they have poor quality control procedures.  Typically users need to keep this in mind when selecting a product to go with.  A US company that provides legit, 100% pure extract will always be the best choice.  You will also want to look at the level of chlorogenic acid in the particular supplement you plan to use.

There are a lot of low cost supplements on the market using the green coffee name, however, their quality is fairly dubious.  It’s really important to maintain a high level of quality in order to achieve results.  Price often reflects the potency of ingredients in products like this, though not always.  There are some key things to check when selecting a brand.  Do they offer a money back guarantee? Is the product 100% pure? Is it at least 500mg per capsule?

Other important considerations is what previous customers have to say about the product.  Reviews can tell you a lot about how potent the product is, or the quality.  However, it’s important to make sure they’re real reviews (like from Amazon), as that helps avoid a lot of the less legitimate retailers out there.

Millions Face Uphill Battle To Lose Weight and Get In Shape

It’s true that there’s only a few ways to lose weight.  Most people will try both diet and exercises in order to achieve results, but rarely will they actually succeed.  The difficulty stems from many of the common symptoms of obesity, which not only prevent long term success when dieting, but also counteract the effort in many cases.  Most people will try to diet by cutting calories, but when someone does that their body’s metabolism will slow down considerably to compensate.  This can be hugely damaging for the user, generally producing poor long term results and plateaus where the dieter will not lose any additional weight after a certain point.  As such, many people try to combine both dieting and exercise, since certain types of exercise have been known to boost metabolism.  However, this is not always an option.

Dieting is generally something that anyone can do, but many people cannot combine both exercising and dieting together.  There are many reasons for this, but high on the list is that combining both can result in dizziness, lightheadedness and even not physically be possible if the person has a lot of weight to lose.   Something like running is not possible for someone who is 100 or 200 pounds overweight, so what people need is a solution that offers the metabolism increasing benefits of certain cardiovascular exercises, but without all of the trauma and difficulty running when overweight.  Researchers have spent years on the task, aiming to produce proven over the counter solutions that are both natural and highly effective to help people lose weight and stay in shape but without exercising.  There has been some significant headway in recent years on this subject as a result.

A Long Uphill Climb

A Long Uphill BattleWhile it’s true there are many treatments out there that can potentially deliver results, researchers have concentrated on those that can provide them without too much trauma to the patient.  Those that can are usually natural products, as we have discussed before, with green coffee bean extract being quite popular recently as is the HCG diet.  However, many people are also interested in more aggressive approaches, like prescription methods.  These often carry risks.  With Orlistat (a fat absorber) many people experience liver issues as a result of long term use.  Additionally medicines like Phentermine, which are just a powerful stimulant, can carry risks such as heart disease and arrhythmia.  For these reasons it’s generally best to stick to more natural and organic weight loss methods.

There are many methods to choose from, each with their own benefits.  A popular new treatment makes use of Garcinia Cambogia in order to produce rapid weight loss, but this is done at a somewhat slow pace unless the person diets as well.  It’s mostly an appetite suppressant.  However, it’s garnered wide support from people like Dr. Oz, who sees it as a proven and powerful weight loss treatment for the modern age.  Other products include African Mango or Raspberry ketones, which also have a long history of successful weight loss in users.  Millions can benefits from these organic treatments without risking their body on normal prescription methods, and for that reason, many people are choosing them instead.  Most users of Garcinia Cambogia, for example, lose 10-20 pounds a month without changing their diets at all.

A Breakdown of 4 Powerful Weight Loss Methods

African MangoThe use of raspberry ketones or african mango for weight loss have a long history of success.  The reasons that so many people choose to use these products is because they offer tremendous results, and also powerful weight loss.  Studies have been recently conducted on African Mango extract (Irvingia Gabonensis) and found that users would lose 7-10 pounds per month without changing any of their other habits or diet.  This effect is a tremendously powerful weight loss aid, as the extract itself contains still unknown chemical compounds which increase metabolism in users.  Additionally, new research has shown that African Mango extract will boost weight loss by decreasing appetite and allowing people to more easily manage hunger.

Raspberry ketones are a powerful weight loss aid as well which has a long history of providing results in research trials.  Users will typically shed 30 to 40 pounds per 90 days using these to offset their natural ketones (a protein which burns fat in cells).  Scientists are aware that Raspberries contain ketones that are similar to those present in the human body, and the extract can be used to produce weight loss .  A recent study clearly showed that most users will shed major weight, even without changes in diet.  Ketones promote the shedding of stored fat by sending biochemical signals to the brain to increase metabolism and reduce appetite.  This allows the body to majorly decrease calories required and increase calories burned without impacting the integrity of the body itself.  Most people experience rapid weight loss on using raspberry ketone extracts.

Four Major Weight Loss Supplements Proven to Work

  1. The HCG diet drops program – HCG drops are a popular weight loss method which employs natural hormones in order to promote weight loss.  Studies have clearly shown that HCG, which is naturally produced by women during pregnancy, carries with it powerful benefits including rapid weight loss and insulin stabilization.  Its benefits are generated appetite and metabolism related, where users can quickly burn fat naturally.  This hormone is both safe and effective, along with natural.
  2. Green Coffee Extract – Green coffee has been shown in a lot of recent research to boost metabolism and allow for rapid weight loss.  A recent study showed that taking an extract of green coffee beans (those that are unroasted) allowed users to shed 10-15 pounds per month without any changes in diet or exercise.  These effects have led to a revolution in weight loss for users of natural products and physicians are not widely advising the use of this natural ingredient.  Green coffee extract is one of the most effective natural weight loss treatments known to exist.
  3. Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Garcinia Cambogia is a type of fruit that is indigenous to Africa, but its extract has been examined for weight loss benefits for a number of years now.  This natural fruit extract has been shown in numerous studies to result in massive weight loss in users.  Like Green Coffee, Garcinia supplies rapid weight loss on the order of 15+ pounds per month without needing to change a person’s diet whatsoever.  This has also been featured on Doctor Oz’s show and carries with it the wide support of both researchers and physicians everywhere.
  4. African Mango Extract – This is also another fruit which is found in Africa, but it is also something eaten by many people around the world.  Its extract, Irvingia Gabonensis, has been shown in many studies to be a highly effective weight loss aid.  Use of this extract can generate over 20 pounds of weight loss through strong metabolic effects.  Though the precise mechanism for action is still somewhat of a mystery, initial research shows a substance that can offer users significant weight loss at very little risk to the user.  Side effects known are minimal and numerous studies over several decades have clearly shown its effectiveness.

The HCG Diet Plan – A Rapid, Proven Method

It’s true that losing weight and maintaining that weight loss is never an easy task. Many variables impact a person’s ability to stay healthy in the long term, not least of which is their own metabolism and genetics. A person trying to lose weight may quickly find out that their body is their worst enemy, as high levels of fat for years has turned their metabolism into a slow, difficult to control, nightmare.  As such, the best way to stop this is through tools that can help users boost their metabolism and decrease their appetite.  Many people try to do this with exercise, and it does work to a certain extent, however, this is not always an option.

New methods are now being discovered that can clinically boost metabolism, naturally.  Research on this topic has been extensive in recent years, but several new methods have been found that work well.  One of these methods is the HCG weight loss bottlenew HCG diet protocol which has gained much support among clinicians who have identified it as one of the most powerful methods for losing weight.  This method uses a natural hormone, HCG, which is produced by women during their monthly cycles and has been shown in several studies to boost metabolism and decrease appetite.  One recent study found that users who use this hormone lost 5 times as much total fat as their dieting counterparts.  The average weight loss was on the order of 20 to 30 pounds per month of use.

The HCG Diet Plan – Three Phases to Success

It’s true that the HCG diet is not merely taking the hormone each day, even if that is a popular idea about how the program should work.  The reality is that science has only come so far on weight loss, and a product like HCG is just there to help people lose weight with a mindful and diligent diet program.  The HCG diet is broken down into three phases, as phasesofhcgdiet.com indicates.  These phases are designed to provide the best results from the metabolism boosting and appetite decreasing effects of the HCG hormone.  They have been clinically found to work against all other treatment methods, so far.  Dr. A.T.W Simeons, the founder of the HCG diet, is the one that organized the program into this protocol to maximize effectiveness for patients.

  •  Phase one of the protocol is the loading phase and lasts 2-3 days typically.  During this phase people take HCG each day, but also take in foods high in fat.  This helps cells that store fat to enlarge and makes it much easier for users to lose weight during Phase 2 and further when calories are decreased.
  • Phase two of the program is the largest portion of the diet and lasts anywhere from 23 to 43 days (on the original protocol) or 23 to 57 days on the modern method.  This is when a person goes on a reduced calorie diet, typically 500 to 700 calories per day.  They are limited on the foods they can eat as well, typically only being allowed to have certain types of food such as foods that are low in carbohydrates and fat (these include fish, lean chicken, lean beef, and vegetables/fruits).
  • During phase three of the protocol, users are to go on a maintenance diet of 1500 calories indefinitely for as long as they wish to maintain the weight they’ve lost.  HCG is halted at this time, and is only started again if another protocol begins down the road.  This period lasts for a minimum of 6 weeks on the original method or 21 days on the modern approach.

It’s true that the HCG diet is a particularly powerful weight loss method with strong support in the scientific community after numerous tests have proven its effectiveness.  It stands as one of the most effective treatments in the world today.

The Truth About Dental Hygiene and Its Effects On The Body

Dental care is often one thing that’s overlooked when it comes to overall health. It’s far too easy to ignore the signs that the body is struggling to maintain overall health in light of poor dental care. Dental care has been linked in numerous studies to heart failure, heart disease, and even cancers. One of the most important things that a a person can do for their overall health is to maintain a high level of dental care, maintaining brushing, flossing and other important daily habits.

While it’s true that our teeth are irreplaceable, it’s important to keep in mind that many, many people struggle to shed pounds and stay in shape as well.  This is a sign of bad decision making on the part of people, that is persistent and difficult to get rid of down the road.  These people are also usually the ones that have issues dealing with dental health, as they often have given up taking care of themselves.  It’s truly a challenge to maintain proper dieting, exercise and dental care throughout life.  However, many doctors see dental health as a gateway to prevent systemic diseases and boost a person’s immune system.


Methods for Proper Dental Health

Healthy Smiles are A RealityWhile it’s true that here are no quick fixes to poor dental care, there are some day to day things a person can do to preserve their health and maintain a good dental regimen. First and foremost is daily brushing, flossing, and tongue scraping. Though many try to replace these daily tasks with mouthwash or peroxide liquid, both can cause adverse effects. The mouth actually requires bacteria to function normally and killing this can cause major problems. Not all bacteria is bad, and in reality much of the bacteria within the mouth is very good for the body.  Mouthwash or peroxide tends to kill this, and can cause disease such as “black tongue syndrome”: a difficult and damaging bacterial infection of the tongue.  It can also cause bad breath as well.

  1.  Daily brushing in the morning and afternoon, though upwards of 4 times a day is useful if it’s done after meals to prevent plaque development.
  2. Avoid alcohol based mouthwashes or peroxide liquids which aim to kill all mouth bacteria.  These can be damaging to teeth in the long term.
  3. There’s no substitute for flossing.  Many people avoid or ignore this aspect of dental hygiene, but research shows gum health is one of the most important in preventing systemic disease.

Gum disease can cause heart failure through an unknown mechanism, but numerous studies have clearly demonstrated a correlation between the two.  It’s important for both a longer life and a healthier one to keep dental care first and foremost on your mind.  Brushing a few extra times a day can be the difference between life and death, quite literally.